Our book “How To Stop Being a Cuckold” contains all the information you need on how to get rid of your Cuckolding fetish.

The book will help you understand your Cuckolding fetish, redefine your relationship with it and the actionable steps you can take to move on to a healthier sexuality.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • This is Not Therapy
  • Section 1: Cuckolding and Fetishes
    • Isn’t This Just Kinkshaming?
    • Can One Get Rid of a Fetish?
    • The Allure of Cuckolding
    • What Cuckolding Does to Your Psyche
  • Section 2: Self-Review
    • Reviewing Your Relationship with Cuckolding
    • Feeling Wheel
    • What Happens When I Engage in Cuckolding?
    • What Situations Lead Up to Engagement with Cuckolding?
    • Review Your Past
    • Review Your Desires
    • Conclusion
  • Section 3: Conditioning
    • What is Conditioning?
    • The Lies of Cuckolding
    • Behavioral Conditioning
    • Porn and Its Effects
    • Our Views on NoFap
    • Your View on Women
  • Section 4: Redefine Yourself
    • Redefine Your Reactions with Acceptance
    • Redefine Your Responses
    • Redefine Your Sexuality
    • Redefine Your Self-Image
    • What Do You Control?
  • Section 5: Taking Action
    • How to Make Use of the Next Chapters
    • New Habits for Your Life
    • Touch Grass
    • Watch Less Porn
    • Use Externalization Techniques
    • Use Internalization Techniques
    • Rewiring Your Brain: The Power of Neural Pathway Modification
    • If You Are in a Cuckolding Relationship
  • Further Reading

What You Will Receive

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You can also purchase the book directly from Amazon here. However there you will only receive the e-book for your Kindle and not the epub, PDF or “bleeped out” version.