If you’ve watched cuckold porn, looked at cuckolding captions or read cuckolding stories, you are basically consuming media made by men for men. For a fetish that is completely obsessed about women and their supposed behavior, isn’t it strange that basically everything around cuckolding is completely created and focused on men?

This is very apparent in two places:

  • Endless threads of men asking how to convince their wives or girlfriends to cuck them
  • All the media where women supposedly talk to the men directly with words women generally don’t seem to use

Let’s take a closer look at this. If cuckolding is “the natural order of things” as the entire cuckolding lore basically tells us, why is it men who generally ask their girlfriends and wives to try out cuckolding? Why are there so many threads of men asking how to broach the topic or what to do after a woman denied it? How come it’s not the other way around? Why do we not see countless examples of women asking their husbands which cuckolding porn and captions would make you belief happens all the time? It’s because it is basically a fabrication and generally a male fantasy.

If we look at captions or POV material in general this becomes very apparent. No one really talks to anyone like that. No one actually uses all these trigger words, while there are surely women fixated on dick size, most of them really aren’t all that much. Most women also don’t design their lives around sex either. We’re not claiming none of that exists, we’re just saying the vast majority of these examples are entirely made up by men.

It’s men who started calling each other “cuck” as an insult. This isn’t something that happened in female circles. It is something is driven by men entirely.

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