• How To Stop Being a Cuckold

    Readers of our site have asked us to break down how exactly one can change their cuckolding fetish. After all it seems rather interwoven with one’s own sexuality. The truth is that a fetish is not set in stone. Fetishes generally change and develop. Most people who like the cuckolding fetish have not started out…

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  • Cuckolding is Driven by Men, Not Women

    If you’ve watched cuckold porn, looked at cuckolding captions or read cuckolding stories, you are basically consuming media made by men for men. For a fetish that is completely obsessed about women and their supposed behavior, isn’t it strange that basically everything around cuckolding is completely created and focused on men? This is very apparent…

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  • The Lies of Cuckolding

    This is an excerpt from our book. You can get our book here. Diving into the world of Cuckolding, you stumble upon a narrative so slick and persuasive it almost seems like weird type of gospel. This story paints a universe where all women are on an endless hunt for the so-called “superior alpha males,”…

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  • Isn’t This Just Kinkshaming?

    This is an excerpt from our book. You can get our book here. In our work, a question we often encounter is whether our focus on overcoming Cuckolding amounts to kinkshaming. We want to address this concern directly and unequivocally: our goal is not to shame or judge anyone for their sexual interests or practices.…

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  • Can Fetishes Be Changed? (Spoiler: Yes!)

    Many people believe that fetishes are unchangeable, a permanent part of who you are. However, this is simply not true. Decades of scientific research have shown that fetishes can be changed through various treatment approaches. Extensive research shows positive outcomes: Multiple studies have investigated the effectiveness of treatments for fetishes, and the results are overwhelmingly…

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